Marousi or Maroussi

Marousi or Maroussi is a suburb in the northeastern part of the Athens agglomeration, Greece. Marousi dates back to the era of the ancient Athenian Republic; its ancient name was Athmonon (Ἄθμονον) and it represented one of the 10 Athenian sub-cities. The area held a main ancient temple, where Amarysia Artemis, the goddess of hunting, was adored, and the city’s modern name derives from that of the goddess, Amarysia, which denotes the origin of the worship back in Amarynthos, Euboea.
Marousi has two faces: a green area with parks, stores and residencies, and at the same time a commercial zone with offices of multinational companies and malls. In the last years, in spite of the difficulties of the financial crisis, it has been established as a destination for entertainment. It is famous for its stores and here you will find areas with a special character, elegant bars for wine, cafes with homemade delicacies, traditional taverns, restaurants with ethnic cuisine and bars with live music.