Frequently asked questions about Pillowhite

Greece has spectacularly outperformed neighbour countries in its handling of the corona virus outbreak. After a total lock down, the government is now gradually looking at ways to restart the economy. The tourism industry is one the most significant factors in the equation of the country’s GDP and we are all preparing to restart under the new conditions created by the health crisis. At Pillowhite we have prepared all our properties to welcome all guests, foreign or domestic, for business or pleasure, with safety always as our top priority.

Pillowhite is a small business, but with years of expertise in the hospitality industry securing that in your apartment our guests will feel like home.

Pillowhite Apartments are uploaded to the most popular distribution-channels world wide and to our own dynamic website.  Our team reviews the market on a daily basis to secure that our rates reflects the market and the right occupancies are claimed.

We are as far as your phone device is.  Give us a call and we will be there to discuss with you the prospects of entering your apartment in the occasional rentals market.

A tax rate ranging from 15% to 45% will be paid this year by taxpayers who have earned income from short-term lease agreements for property owned in 2017.
For income up to € 12,000, tax is charged at a rate of 15%. For example, a taxpayer earned last year income from the short-term lease of his property of €10,000. The tax he will be asked to pay for this income is €1.500 euros.
A portion of annual income is taxed at a rate of 35% from €12.001 to €35 000. A 45% rate is applied to the portion of annual income over €35,000.

The above rates apply if the property is rented furnished without the provision of any service other than bed linen.

If any other services are provided, this income will be treated as income from a business activity and taxable by:
• 22% up to the first €20.000
• 29% in the section from €20.001 to €30,000
• 37% in the section from €30.001 to €40.000 and
• 45% in the section over €40.000

AADE (Independent Authority of Inland Revenue) decision: POL amended. 1187/2017
The date until which the “Short Term Leaseholder” finalizes the image of the “Short Term Real Estate Registry” is the February 28th of the year of filing the income tax returns. This is stipulated in a decision taken by the Governor of PPC G. Pitsillis, which amends the POL. 1187/2017, concerning the short-term lease of properties.
That decision provides inter alia the following:
• Persons who, in order to conclude Short Term Leases, have made or posted a property on a digital platform from 1/1/2018 to 30/11/2018, shall be registered in the “Short-Term Real Estate Registry” until 30 November 2018.
• A “short-term residence statement” is submitted by 30 November 2018 for the tenant to leave the property until October 31, 2018, which does not include any leases already included in the “Short-Term Residence Statement” for the same, above, period.
Please note that for the tenant departure from 1/11/2018 and until 30/11/2018, “Short-Term Residence Statement” is submitted by December 20, 2018, as per the circular POL. 1187/2017.

We offer an unprecedented level of service and care for stays in private homes. Forget hotel rooms – with Pillowhite you’ll get space to spread out in a beautiful home. When you arrive we are welcoming you in person, and we’re available 24/7. Wherever you’re looking to stay in Athens, we will help you find somewhere that’s just right for you, whether you’re staying for a few days or more.