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Our team of professionals from the hospitality industry endeavors to make your stay enjoyable and totally relaxing. Any special request you may have to make your stay more comfortable do not hesitate to let us know and it will be a challenge for us to fulfill it. Our vacation stories will love to share them with you.
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1 __ Bathrooms
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2 __ Bedrooms
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Ilisia is a district of Athens located on the eastern side of the City of Athens, between Ambelokipi, Goudi, Zografou, K...
Kolonaki is a wealthy and upmarket district. As one of the capital's leading shopping areas, it includes numerous high-e...


September 13, 2021
We love to surprise you and keep our relationship «alive»! At Pillowhite you will always find a new place to visit. Properties that will make you want to stay in Athens forever. Outdoor and indoor spaces with that certain something for the perfect hospitality. A short trip to the city we all love is just the thing to recharge your batteries in the fall! Especially when you’re staying in the city's most beautiful homes, the trip couldn’t be more perfect. Patriarchou 4bd Art Deco...
February 1, 2021
Do you have to travel and stay away from home during the pandemic? What are the benefits of choosing a Pillowhite property that makes you feel at home and provide the sense of safety? Here are 5 important reasons and if you want to know more, contact us on 0030 210 612 9108 or visit our website ! 1. Our apartments are spacious and fully equipped to make you feel like you are in your own home. There is plenty of storage space for your personal belongings, so you will feel...
February 28, 2021
A whole year…... A whole year since the first lockdown. And even though spring is here, there are so many things we all miss. Moments. Family, friends. Moments in the city that never sleeps that somehow feel different now. More beautiful. More relaxed. And even though the crazy pace of life continues, even though work hasn’t stopped, we long for a short break in Athens to relax. A coffee. A walk. Your friends. Combined with the springtime scenery in one of Greece's oldest cities, these...
October 15, 2020
....the most beautiful quarter in Athens! Opposite neighbourhoods, which are directly linked to the capital's history and contribute to the magic of Athens, are perfect for picturesque walks. Plaka, located between the Acropolis, Syntagma Square and Monastiraki, is one of the oldest neighbourhoods in Europe, with a history dating back 3500 years! - The iconic Greek taverna was born in Plaka - Plaka is famous as the "neighbourhood of the gods" because it lies directly under the sacred rock...