Athens, the new cool destination in Europe!

October 15, 2019

Athens is the historical capital of Europe, having been inhabited permanently since the Neolithic era!
The foundations of political thought, theatre, the arts, philosophy, science, architecture and so much more have been born or shaped here, in the home of democracy. As the hub for Western culture, even the language has touched so many others, influencing through words and concepts such as music, gastronomy, mathematics, aromatics, architecture and so much more.
A visit to Athens today is an inimitable experience. A ‘journey’ into 6000 years of history! Whilst at the same time offering every modern day traveller a sun soaked break in a city with every comfort and yet something different to offer.
Here are just 5 reasons why Athens is a growing trend as the ultimate city break:

  1. The Acropolis: The sacred and symbolic rock of the Acropolis stands impressively over Athens, keeping history alive in the heart of the city. With a breath taking 360 degree view, it really is worth a visit.
  2. Coffee culture: Coffee is a daily staple in Athens, with young entrepreneurs launching creative and exciting new projects such as Tailormade, Spollati and Six d.o.g.s, with tables in high demand. If you’re lucky enough to find space, sit back, relax with a ‘freddo’ and enjoy the people watching as the world goes by!
  3. The Anafiotika Neighbourhood: Until recently this area has been overlooked by tourists, although the secret is now out, and the delights of the neighbourhood well known. A tiny scenic area just under the hill of Acropolis, this village reminds us more of the Greek Islands rather than the capital city. Get lost among the small windy streets that host the beautiful white washed houses.
  4. Greek cuisine: Something that has been a timeless attraction to Athens is the food! The quality in production of traditional Greek products in Athens is equal to that enjoyed on any of the Islands. Taste the juicy kebabs, freshest seafood, delicious meze and the many home made dishes, using the finest and freshest local ingredients.
  5. The Old Town of Plaka: Plaka is the oldest and most scenic part of the city. Picture narrow stone paved streets, historical architecture, sunlit squares and rows of tavernas and cafes with the traditional white and blue table cloths. Andrianou is the main commercial street in Plaka and is the perfect place to pick up souvenirs to take home.