Travelling during the pandemic

January 2, 2021

According to latest reports, the spread of Covid19 has reached almost every edge of the planet. It is impossible to find somewhere to visit that hasn’t been exposed to the virus. What happens if we come out of lockdown but the possibility to vaccinate is still remote? Do we stop travelling? How do we travel safely during an active pandemic? Let’s imagine that you need to travel, close or near…

Here are 10 top tips for travelling during the pandemic and things to remember after you’ve travelled…

1. Make sure you wear your face mask throughout your flights to protect yourself from airborne particles.
2. Keep your distance as much as possible, at both the airport and during the flight.
3. Use a carry-on case, to avoid it being handled by others.
4. Use disinfectant wipes on you seat, seat belt, window and table before sitting.
5. Use hand disinfectant whenever you contact different surfaces during the flight.
6. Try to avoid using the toilet during your flight, if you’re flying long haul and it can’t be avoided, remember to wash your hands well
7. Stay hydrated. This helps your mucus membranes to work properly.
8. Take a preventative vitamin to boost your immune system – vitamin C and other vitamins and minerals have been proven to support your immune – response.
9. Wash your hands well with soap for at least 20 seconds after the flight.
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