The Art of Greek Coffee!

February 6, 2020

You may have heard that making a freshly roasted Greek coffee is an art form? The perfect result, with a rich foam. It takes time and devotion…..because as we all know, to make it just right needs patience…
A cup of coffee is a special daily routine for most of us!
Coffee lovers can’t start their day without one. Famous for the particular way in which it is prepared and served, Greek coffee encourages free flowing conversation and some would say that a cup should accompany every piece of juicy gossip!
And you really can’t serve a Greek coffee, without a side of Greek Delight!
This is what makes the whole experience perfect! A unique feeling, hot coffee with a rich foam, coupled with the sweetness of ‘loukoumia’ and the whole body is revived! The sweet taste of the Greek Delight contrasts the bitter taste of coffee – especially for those who take their coffee without any sugar.
And of course, water.
Greek coffee is usually served with a glass of cool water. Have you ever wondered why? Drinking fresh water before your coffee clears the palate to allow maximum appreciation of the taste of the coffee, while drinking water after your coffee helps to flush away any of the fine coffee grains.
Step by step to the prefect Greek coffee!
1. Take a clean, dry ‘briki’ (small pot, with a narrow opening). Fill with one cup of luke warm water, for every cup that will be made.
2. With a special teaspoon, add a full spoon of coffee for every cup that will be made and sugar if required.
3. Place the ‘briki’ over a medium flame until the whole thing warms up and stir slowly until the coffee and sugar have dissolved (note that after this point, the coffee will not be stirred again).
4. When the coffee tarts to bubble an rise, take off the heat and tap the briki on the counter softly, 2-3 times. The coffee will deflate slightly.
5. Return the ‘briki’ to the flame and when the coffee bubbles and rises again remove quicky and serve into the small Greek coffee cups.