Travel Safe! Stay Safe!

February 1, 2021

Do you need to travel during the pandemic and stay overnight away from home?
What are the advantages of choosing a Pillowhite property, which will make you feel like you’re at home and safe in your choice?
Here are 5 key reasons and if you need to know more, contact us on 0030 210 612 9108 or visit our website !
1. Our properties are spacious and fully equipped so you feel like you are in your own home. There is plenty of storage space for your personal items so you will be comfortable for as many days as you stay with us.
2. Our roomy kitchens are fully loaded and equipped with large fridges, hobs, toasters, mixers, kettles, microwaves, cooking utensils etc, everything you could possible need.
3. Your personal space and privacy are protected with us, as we understand that no one enjoys noise associated with thin hotel room walls. Our quiet neighborhoods encourage good relations with other tenants and help provide the best possible experiences.
4. The beautiful balconies offered by our properties mean you will enjoy spectacular views and fresh air!
5. Cleanliness is a top priority!
Pillowhite offers the comfort of a real home, whilst maintaining the standards of cleanliness and functionality of a top hotel.
Simplicity, finesse, quality and cleanliness are the main characteristics of our portfolio, while hospitality, open and personal service are the defining elements we offer. All the above work in harmony to ensure it feels like home!
As a sign of our professionalism and love of hospitality and hygiene, in every one of the apartments in our portfolio you will find the characteristic soft white pillowcases, ready to welcome your dreams!
Book now to enjoy our hospitality!