Travel Tips

November 22, 2017

You simply cannot plan for everything. However, keeping a few important things in mind will make your travels much easier.

Be Flexible
We always plan for delays and try not to get upset when things inevitably go wrong. Patience is extremely important when traveling!

Make a List
About a week or so before each trip, you can make a mental list of items you don’t want to forget.

Learn Common Phrases of the Local Language
Start conversations with local people. Learn from those who live in the country you’re visiting. People enrich your travels more than sights do.

Travel insurance
Even if you have medical insurance in your home country, we highly recommend purchasing travel insurance when traveling abroad. This will cover important things like emergency medical evacuation, trip cancellation, and baggage delay.

Put Electronics, Medications, Toothbrush, and an Extra Pair of Underwear in Your Carry-on
A few important items should always go in your carry-on. A swimsuit is also a good idea if you are going on a beach vacation. You can buy most of these things if your bag gets lost, but having them in your carry-on will save you money and time if your luggage gets lost in transit.

Ask The Locals
Always ask the locals to point you to the best restaurants, awesome spots to watch the sunset, the best coffee shops, etc.

Alert Your Bank and Credit Card Company of Your Travel Plans
This is a great habit to get into if you don’t want your credit card company or bank to put a hold on your card while you are overseas.

Take Plenty of Photos
They make the best souvenirs!

Leave Room for Spontaneity
Don’t plan your entire itinerary ahead of time. It’s tempting, but those unplanned moments while traveling can be the best memories.

Travel First Aid Kit
Pack up a small first aid kit with aspirin, Benedryl, cold meds, Tums, cough drops, bandages, Active Charcoal pills (these are a life saver for traveler’s diarrhea and minor allergic reactions), Neosporin, and other things that you may not always have easy access to when traveling.